About GUI for Vulkan

Dear everyone

I am looking for a good GUI for Vulkan
I am using Visual C++ now

So in this case, what will be the “best” choice for GUI ?

I don’t want to use Qt nor React (Javascript) for this

I found two choices for this

  1. ImGUI (or Dear ImGUI)
    Will this support Vulkan 1.3 fully?

  2. Managed C++ (or CLI, CLR ?)
    Will this be easy without learning C# much ?
    (I think this will enable for me to use WinForm)

I will really appreciate if you can help me with this issue

Thank you and see you again

Go with ImGUI. It’s easy to use and API and platform agnostic.

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Dear Sascha:

Thank you again for your valuable recommendation
I will go with ImGUI

See you again and have a nice weekend, Sascha

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