about Graphics Programming books...


would you recommend me which book to buy as book about Computer Graphics Theory & Practice:

  • Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice, Foley and van Dam
  • Computer Graphics Using Open GL, Francis S. Hill Jr.

I look at the both books, Foley’s book maybe is too theoretical, but is comprehensive, but I think that uses too old graphics APIs like SGRP/SPHIGS, I think that the main benefit of the second book(from what I read at amazon.com) is the usage of OpenGL API as a learning tool…

i’d definitely recommend hill’s book. when doing graphics programming for modern machines, you’re almost always going to be using one of the standard APIs (opengl or directx). the earlier you get exposed to the workings of these APIs the better.

for a more comprehensive book on the theory of real time 3d programming, i’d recommend “real time rendering” by moller and haines over foley et all’s “computer graphics” any day.