? about glutSolidCube( )

I am making a simple example of a heirarchical model by making an arm with two parts attached to a base. Now, I have it all working, and for the arms I’m using glutSolidCube. And Im using lighting in the program, but when I run the program the Cubes produced only seem to have to sides generated. Is this due to the lighting. If so, any pointers on how to possibly fix it. Oh, and everything else that Im using like gluCylinder and stuff are working fine with the lighting. Any input would be great. -Thankx

Really, hmm seems like a normals problem, why not create your own cube function?

Check if glCullface is enabled and check if you are setting correclty glfrontface.

Yeah, thanx, I still haven’t found why gluSolidCube isn’t working right. Perhaps its normals are off. Yeah, I did go ahead and make my own cube.