About glPointSize


i use glPointSize in my programm but I don t know what is the parameters values.

Is it a pixel size of the point representation in image or the size in millimeter of the sphere representing the point ?

It’s the size in pixels. For a point size of N, non-multisample rasterisation generates a fragment for each pixel whose centre lies within a NxN square centred on the vertex position. Multisample rasterisation checks whether any sample location lies with the NxN square.

With fixed-function rendering, there are number of parameters which further affect rasterisation. When using shaders, the fragment shader is invoked for every pixel intersecting the square; it’s up to the fragment shader what shape to use for points, whether to anti-alias edges, etc.

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If I understand what you said,when multiple points are align the color of the clothest point of the camera are display in the pixel.

In fact I want to do picking like we can do with face of or object with that method.