About glAreTexturesResident

On my computer which is running NT4 and has dual-PIII and a 3DLibs GVX1, I want to get some information on where are my textures by glAreTexturesResident. But it always told me that ALL the textures are in texture memory even if I had loaded and bound more than 150MB textures. It’s impossible that all of these textures are in the texture memory of my display card, I think.
So, is there someone kind enough to tell me how to use glAreTexturesResident or how to get to know where are my textures loaded. I have amount of textures to render and I want to manage them myself.

Is it possible that glAreTexturesResident is reporting his textures are resident because of AGP? How much ram do you have, you could try decreasing your AGP shared ram size to 8mB or similar to test if this theory is right.