About files and resources

Talking about files and resources, when you release a game or other software with your unique 3D model or texture, you protect it or just release as is?
As we can see, AAA games can easily be decompiled too and doesn’t matter how, fans are extracting 3D models.
Do you guys care about your files?

I’m not sure what the purpose of this question is. So long as the game is running on a machine you do not have absolute control over, the data that comprises your game is completely under the control of the owner of that machine. It doesn’t matter how you “protect” your files; at some point, that data will have to be loaded into memory and unprotected. At which point, the data is plainly visible as whatever it is.

If maintaining absolute control over the data your game is made from is of paramount importance to you, the only functional alternative is to go the streaming route like Stadia and so forth.

So the question is this: since this has been happening since the advent of PC games, and the universe of gaming has not imploded because of it… what does it matter? Package the files in whatever way is most convenient for getting your game data on the screen ASAP and move on with your life.