About enumDisplaySettings

I use enumDisplaySettings to get the available display settings on the user’s machine, but there some settings this function return and it did not operate properly like when I choose a 1024768 and 70Hz display settings my screen goes off and tell me some power problem, so why this function return it and it does not work?!
Secondly is there is any way to know just the available resolution on the client machine without iterating along all the structures and filtering them to extract the available resolutions.
for ex:
The function of enumDisplaySettings returns:
1- 800
600 60Hz
2- 800600 70Hz
3- 1024
678 60Hz
I just want another way to tell me directly:
800600 and 1024678, all I need other way to manipulate instead of searching my self??
and the last thing in msdn they said something about giving enumDisplaySettings iMode parameter 0 to initialize then when positive it return the initialized to me, what is that?
Mustafa ELBanna

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