About a small doubt regarding opengl

what is the main use of glLoad Identity(),what is the main use of this in coding
can any one explain ,what is the use of glut swap buffers()

glLoadIdentity resets the current matrix to the identity matrix. It’s equivalent to calling glLoadMatrix with an identity matrix. Most other matrix operations multiply the current matrix by a relative transformation, so if you don’t start with glLoadIdentity any subsequent transformations will be relative to the matrix state at the end of the previous frame.

SwapBuffers (or similar functions on other platforms or in cross-platform toolkits, e.g. glutSwapBuffers) copies the back buffer to the front buffer; the state of the back buffer is undefined afterwards. Double-buffered rendering is used to avoid flicker; all rendering operations are performed on the back buffer which is then copied to (or swapped with) the front buffer (from which the video signal is generated) upon completion. Single-buffered rendering (where rendering operations are performed on the front buffer) can result in flickering as partially-rendered frames are displayed. It’s rarely used nowadays. On older systems it was sometimes used to reduce memory usage for applications which didn’t animate continuously but only redrew the screen in response to user input (e.g. CAD programs).

thanks for the clarification ,MR GC elements.
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