AAS files


I’m looking for the AAS file format used in Quake3. Does anybody know where I can find file format specs or the source of the BSPC tool?

As I know, the AAS files are used for the area and portal stuff. And that’s what I need to implement real-time caustics and soft shadows in the Quake3 enfine I’m currently working on.

Of course, the Q3MAP tool generates a .prt file but in it there’s only info about the portals and not about the areas. I’ve already written a tool called PRT2PAS that converts a prt file to a binary pas file(the pas file format is invented by myself) but I need the areas stuff…


Check this http://dynamic.gamespy.com/~aftershockpq/board/messages/408.shtml

don’t now is it correct format description or not.