AAAAAHHHHH Where did NeHe go?

I cannot connect to the NeHe tutorials!!! Why?
I needed that text writing openGL program. I am trying to display my FPS and need a text/font display for openGL. I tried the one found on Romka’s site but it requires ‘unsigned char*’ type
as input and for some reason my compiler is not accepting converting char* to unsigned char* (sorry but my C++ is a little rusty). HELP!!

Or better yet if you know of a really good text/font extention for openGL that’d be great.

yeah, me too! seems to be down, that’s why NeHe is not to be found!!

Yeah, gamedev is down. Hopefully they get it up and running soon. I planned to do quite a lot of work on my project today as I have pretty much freetime but therefor i NEED the gamedev forum 'cuz my work is strongly dependant on aome replies on that forum.
Till now I didn’t realize how dependant I was on the forum!

Argh! I was interested in checking out that bezier surface tutorial. Oh well, I guess it can wait.


NeHe (and is back up

I admit NeHe is a VERY GOOD site to start from, and I’m, completely with him about the troubles he had tese days…but…
NeHe tutorials (IMHO) are online just to TEACH you how to do things, not to let you cut n’ paste code.
I think that for a simple font display routines you SHOULD try to code 'em by yourself…

the tutorial in NeHe used the windows fonts, I’m a little behind on windows API, so it was a great tool to learn, and yeah I could have done one that uses my own font/bitmaps, but with so little time to code any corner I can cut now gives me more time to concentrate on the 3D stuff which I am more into. Not that I am lazy (well… maybe a little)

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