A typical 3d game, running on Ruby.

Hello,I am a newbie game designer wannabe with several friends.

I am equipped with minimum 3d and 2d artistic skills, and no programming skills at all.

Currently grabbing ruby and python and it has shown me great treshold of the programming languages, or so i feel.

This may seem like a farfetched dream but, can anyone help me or direct me where to learn on developing
a game, with ruby binding on opengl?
I’d love to just jump to unity, but C is intimidating. Opengl seems to be more open with various languages.

I have found opengl3 bindings with ruby, although the ruby forge is gone, there is still repository on it.

Some examples in the internet also points out GOSU, i also have downloaded it.

The final goal is to make a short game with our own authoring tools so we can keep adding stories to our game without changing much of the mechanics,
and maybe go full commercial with it.

Please advice. thank you very much.


Did you take look on Web GL/Three.js?
You need to code in js and you can find a lot of tutorials.