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ok. im about to get into opengl like really into it. i want to be able to compile my program in linux and windows w/o changing code. what should i use? opengl + glaux or opengl + glut…whats the difference between glaux and glut? and why do people use them both sometimes. which one is faster?

Using gluax and glut just provides the functionality of whatever they define. Use neither, both, or either if the need arises.

If you want to compile GL for multiple platforms, be sure to use the glut implementation to provide window and rendering context management (not to mention other great features). Glaux can net you some complex geometry with a few simple steps, so if need be, check out that API.

My 2 cents.


So GLUT is for handling windows and keyboard i/o and stuff like that and GlAux is for geometry like predefined objects? Did i get that right or am i on the wrong track?

Yes. And no.

Glaux isn’t restricted to just geometry, there are other functions for reading rgb information and storing as a texture and such.

Glut isn’t restricted to just windowing and I/O. Glut has geometry functions as well.

If you have the time and patience, the spec is available online for perusal.


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