A question setting up ray-tracing

Hello, I am working on an exam for which I am woefully unprepared. A question I’m having trouble on is:

I think we’re meant to answer with OpenGL (under C/C++) with GLUT. Any help is sincerely appreciated.

…and when your done with that question, on to the next, and the next untill the whole paper is finished?

Why don’t you actually study and read the course materials and lecture notes. You did actually attend lectures didn’t you?!


It will be just this question. Yes I should have studied more, yes, not doing so was foolish, yes I regret it.

I’m spending all my time trying to nail other parts of the exam, this isolated question is explained poorly in our notes. I didn’t just post this for myself but also on behalf of a few of my fellow classmates who are equally confused.

I’m basically just in a jam and will go to any lengths to get out of it. Thank you for your patience.