A question/problem with logging in

HI all,
I could not find a reasonable place to ask and identify a problem with this forum. If i am not logged in to any forum and i try to answer a thread, as normal the log in page is shown. If i enter my login id and passwd and check the remeber my pwd button and press login, it takes me bakc to the root page where all of the forums are displayed and as soon as i go back into my forum and the thread, i am logged out ?
If i do not check the remember my owd checkbox it works fine.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

I am using IE 8 and windows 7 32 bit.

Try remove your login information in your browser (passwords, cookies). If it still doesn’t work, try another browser (firefox), and the i think you should try to write to the forum administrators.

Hmm strange. I tried as u said and now it is working fine.