A question (it might make me seem like a idiot)

Ok, but i tried to run a game for my little sister and it didn’t work. I cleared the cache, re-booted, used different browsers, switched between laptop and PC and it doesn’t work. On laptop it says the shaders can’t initialize and on PC that OpenGl is not supported.

I apologize for the bad english.

You didn’t actually say what you were trying to do. Sounds like view a web page with WebGL content (?) Which one?

Best guess from what little you’ve said: figure out which GPU you have installed (see Device Manager in windows), and then install the latest graphics drivers for that GPU from the vendor’s web site.

The pony-lumen 3D Pony Creator.

It just doesn’t work. I’m not a brony myself, but my sister loves MLP. So i tried to run this game for her and WebGL doesn’t work. Other games work fine.

By the way, i have built-in Intel HD graphics. I can’t upgrade the graphics, because whenever i try to insert a eGPU (external video card) into my Thunderbolt port, i doesn’t work. I think i am doing something wrong. Either a problem with the port, or the eGPU.

Is there another thing that i can explain?

Ok. So this:

It works fine here on an nVidia GPU under Firefox (GeForce GTX 760, 355.00.09 drivers, Firefox 43).

Try this:

it may provide more info on what is wrong on your end.

By the way, if you’re not running Chrome or Firefox as a browser, give them a try.

Also, I wasn’t suggesting you upgrade your GPU. I was suggesting you update your GPU driver to the latest version. For Intel GPUs, it appears you want to go here:

You know what’s funny? I just switched to Chrome and it was all fixed.

BTW, thanks for tips though.