A question about light

OK, OK, I give in :slight_smile:

You’re probably right on this.

P.S. I gave a better offset test to Allen Akin a while back for his OpenGL test suite, so if he was able to use it there is hope that in future this will improve. It’s really sad that doing an offset isn’t an easy decision to make. It’s supposed to be really simple with the 1.1 version and is a critical piece of functionality, there shouldn’t be any hand wringing involved in enabling this.

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Normally, if you take into consideration the 8 most important lights for a poly/model(brightest and/or closest) you wont even notice the difference (actually, I’ve never actually tested, but its probably even difficult to notice more than 3 or 4 lights).

The problem appears when you get large polygons or large models, to the point where the same 8 lights arent the most important across the whole thing. In these cases, rather than doing multipass it might make more sense to subdivide your poly or model and to process each smaller part with 8 or fewer lights.

Another option is, as someone else mentioned, to calculate a weighted sum of all lights for each vertex, use that as the vertex color, and use the vertex color to modulate the poly. That doesnt work for per-pixel lighting, but since lighting in openGL is done per vertex anyway (at least on current hardware…Im not sure what the spec says about it) thats not really an issue.

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