A question about GLUT...

I have a question about GLUT, I think GLUT is better, easier and better on many ways then normar ogl, BUT can I use my voodoo 2 card when I use GLUT??

With “normal” ogl apps, I can just copy opengl32.dll to the dir, and everything works fine, BUT not with GLUT, why why why and why!!??

Err… think you got something wrong here…

GLUT is just a utility toolkit (handle windowing/input, draw primitimes) for OpenGL, and does NOT run at all without OpenGL. So you can’t say GLUT is better than OpenGL.

That gets us to the question in the end of the first row. Yes, you can use Voodoo with GLUT, but ONLY if your implementation of OpenGL is using Voodoo.


I know that GLUT is using OpenGL, but can U xplain to me why the heck my ‘copy the opengl32.dll’ technique works with apps that have been created without using GLUT, and it dosn’t work with those apps which uses GLUT, and when I said that GLUT is better than OpenGL, I meant, easier way to get the same results…

But what do U mean with that implementation stuff???

With implementation of OpenGL I mean like, do you have OpenGL drivers for your Voodoo card? If not, OpenGL will not use it.

On to your GLUT problem. Do you get any error messages or anything? Maybe you have to copy glut32.dll too.

By the way, why not put opengl32.dll in the Windows-directory?


I have the latest voodoo 2 drivers, and everything works fine in games and so, and I have all the dlls in my windows\system dir, glut32, opengl32 and so on, but when I run a GLUT app, the app hangs and I have to close it from the task manager, but it works with all other apps, BUT the GLUT apps, why why why!!!