A problem.

I own a Voodoo3 3000, I also have the game Star Trek Voyager elite force that depends on the OpenGL system. The problem I have is after installing the Maxis game “The Sims” My openGL system messed up in a odd way. What happens is there would be 2 or 3 minuets of soomth game play. Then suddenly 20 or 30 seconds of pure lag. Then it would go back to soomth. It repreats this process over and over again. I have uninstalled the Sims game, I have reinstalled the Voodoo3, I even downloaded another opengl system from this site. Nothing seems to work. I have already e-mailed the IDFX site, but I would like it very much if you users could help me with my problem. So if you know or had this problem before. Please tell me how to fix it.