A Problem with glBindTexture


Im just dabbling with textures for a Uni project. I am trying to place them in video memory and refrence them with an integer.

I understand that I need to use glBindTexture for this - however, I get an 'unidentified identifire ‘glBindTexture’ error when I try and use it.

Am I being totally stupid here?

I think I am using openGL 1.1 or greater, how can I verify this?


EDIT: I just read another thread and i think the reason for my problems are because i’m using Delphi 7. Anyone know how I can resolve the problem?

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Make sure you register a valid texture identification integer(the reference) by calling glGenTextures and make sure that the generated ID is different than 0. Here is a sample code:

GLuint myID;

if(myID == 0) return false;

// Now you can safely bind


Thanks, I think that was a potential problem… but Delphi doesn’t like glGenTextures either.

I’v been doing a bit of research and I think Delphi doesn’t actually include these routines.

Does anyone know of a good library I can use to replace my current openGL Libs?

delphis ‘opengl’ unit should have all that… it seems like you havent even created a opengl render context, becourse those functions should be in that unit as awell.

All I do is stick openGL in the uses clause…

Should I need to do anything else?

The opengl.pas that comes with Delphi isn’t that good,as some things are declared wrong and some functions are missing.
But I’m working in a OpenGL2-Port-Team for delphi and we’ve released an OpenGL1.5-Header here which should work much better than the one that comes with delphi.


I’v just downloaded it and replaced all my unit uses clases from

uses openGL


uses dglOpenGL

and it compiles, But I get an Access Violation error at address 00000000 and my project won’t work.

Does dglOpenGL require a different initalisation to the normal Delphi openGL headder?

Yes,sorry that I forget to tell that.You’ll have to call the function InitOpenGL before you can use the OpenGL-functions in that unit.
The rest of it is like Mike Lischke’s OpenGL12.pas.So to init your program and get a valid rendercontext you’ll have to do something like this :

 DC : HDC;
procedure TGLForm.Init;
DC := GetDC(Handle);
RC := CreateRenderingContext(DC, [opDoubleBuffered], 32, 24, 0, 0, 0, 0);

That works like a dream!

Thanks everyone for their help on this Thread. Much appreciated!