A problem about opengl in microsofe visual c 6.0, help me, thanks

In the environment of vc 6.0, When I set a breakpoint and trace the code step by step, the code automatly jump to the disassemble environment in the WinAPI “SetPixelFormat” and I can’t continue tracking the code. However, the code can be compiled, linked and executed right. How can I solve the problem. Give me a hand, thanks.

Eventhough that hasnt anything to do with OpenGL itself, I’ll answer anyway.

From what I understand from your post, you have set a breakpoint at a SetPixelFormat() call. Once your programm reaches that point the debugger switches to the disassmbly view because it cant find the source code for SetPixelFormat(). The only way to debug your SetPixelFormat call is using the assembly view.

I guess you want to “step-over” and not “step-into” the SetPixelFormat() call, in that case the debugger would not switch to the assembly view.

You can allways switch back to the source view, anyway. Of course thats all documented nicely in the MSVC documentation if you bother to read it.

You must understand that the debugger always switches to the assembly view if it cant find the source code for an call be it an OpenGL call or any Win32 call, thats the reason this hardly has anything to do with OpenGL.

Know the tool you are using.

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