A point in the right direction :)

Hey guys I am kinda new so i do apologize if I have put this thread post in the wrong area.

So here is whats going on cause I really am dumb lol, but basically I came up with a game concept, I thought it was a really good idea and wanted to put what my imagination had created in a dream I had (Well more of a nightmare but still), so I am aspiring to make a 3D game based of the Nightmare. Now the main issue I am having is (being on a really tight and low budget).

so any idea on where I should start, I got loads of books and old magazines I picked up from my college years that i have recently got out to read up on and I recently ordered an openGL book off of amazon, but the main issue I am actually having is what am I using to make the game, there is just so many programs I just get confused, and there are so many different things to take in.

Oh yeah and the computer I am running on is crap
Windows 7 32-bit
Intel 4 mobile family chipset (The crappiest of crap)
Ram is pretty feeble aswell

any suggestions maybe???

If you have several years to spear for learning C++ & OpenGL and you are really interested in it, it is the way to go. To start you just need to pick a C++ book, I’d say “C++ Primer Plus” would be a good one, and as for OpenGL “OpenGL SuperBible”.
First you’ll need to get basic understanding in writing simple programs (not straightly related to games in some way). Then you can go with an OpenGL.

Though I would recommend to take an existing engine instead, if you are not into it. It will save you loads of time.