A picture in a wall, without create a new object

Hello. I need to know if there is a function that allow me to put an image in a face of an object, but not as a texture. I want to put an image with dimensions that aren´t power of 2 in a face of an object, like a picture in a wall. So, I need a fuction that paste this image in the object as a bitmap, not as a texture. Anybody can help me?
Thank you.

it is using a texture but its the obvious example
no need to be powers of 2

I knew the function glTexSubImage2D(…), but this isn´t what I need, because it only can paste an image replacing a part of a texture, but in the range of the originally defined texture array. My problem is that I take a small array of texture and I repeat this texture for cover all the face of an object. Then, when I have cover all the face repeating the texture, I need to paste an image in a determined place of the face. With glTexSubImage2D(…), I can paste this image in the original small array of texture. Then, when I repeat this texture, the image is repeating too.
Thank you, in any case.

use 2 images one for the wall and the other for the picture position the picture in front of the wall or u could position it at the same z distance but make sure u use eg glDepthFunc(GL_LEQUAL).
make the parts of the pictures textures u dont wanna see have zero alpha values and enable alpha testing