A noob suggestion

I haven’t looked through many of the suggestions here yet, and have only been doing OGL for about 1 1/2 months now. One thing that would be quite helpful is flags. Like maybe:


instead of:


or any of the other things. If this is feasable anyway . I haven’t even tried it out yet, i don’t think you can :stuck_out_tongue:

In pure unextended OpenGL 1.1 there are 65 things you can enable/disable. If you want to be able to OR together several things on one enable, you must have a data type that can handle all these 65 bits at one time. Since extended OpengL 1.3 contains WAY more enables/disables, and to handle the future aswell, you must have, say 256 bits, since 128 may be too little. I hope you can see the problem with what you suggested.

To correct myself a bit. When I said 65 things to enable, I really mean AT LEAST 65 things. It reallt dependes on the implementation. For example, OpenGL have no upper limit on the amount of lights an implementation can support. That means there must be anough bits to cover even the most generous implementation. Since I believe there are implementations with 24 lights, I doubt 32 bits will be enough to cover the lights only.

The number of bits will explode when you start thinking about it.

OK, you win .

If you are using c++ you could do what I do:



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