A new windows coding envirement?

After vc++ express started acting odd it seems that I will need to fix it or find a new ide to use.
Vc++ for some reason is only making folders that hold debug information and wont allow me to add source files. This has not happened before and after several reinstalls it continues to happen. Any advice?
Any advice if I can’t get it fixed on a new IDE?
Thanks, if this belongs in the beginners area can you please move it.


I don’t know about your VC++ issue, but Code::Blocks is pretty much the best of the rest. Make sure you get a nightly/live build, though.
To be honest I prefer C::B to Visual Studio if I need an IDE as it’s not quite as bulky, to put it politely :stuck_out_tongue: (although I primarily work using vim/make/gdb/git on Linux).

Hmmmm re-install, it may help? And how does that relate to OpenGL?

dev-c++ is a bit old, but very easy to use for opengl (with direct download of community packages).

I tried to uninstall it and I get the same problem when I re install(I tried this twice). It has to do with opengl in that I was learning it and now I am trying to get back to using it but the vs was not compromising. I will download codeblocks and see dev-c++, do you need to link opengl to them or is it already in the directory?
(sorry the only Ide I have every used frequently was vs).


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