a new book "The OpenGL Extensions Guide"

I found the book in Amazon site,anyone read it?Is it a good reference to OpenGL extensions?

i haven’t looked at the book myself, but the table of contents seems to indicate that it’s pretty thorough. i’m also familiar with the author. i have his other book, Mathematics for 3D Game Programming & Computer Graphics , and it’s well written. he also has articles in the game programming gems books.

i don’t think i’d purchase the book though. extensions are usually straightforward enough that it’s easier to just go right to the spec, and any extensions book is destined to become out of date pretty quickly.

Quite sure I won’t buy it.
I have a laser printer and DSL line now.
Having books is really no more useful to me. I guess I can find it on nv devel support site.
If someone read it, I am quite interested however.