A lot of memory usage, why?

I have an app that has switches to enable and disable the entire use of opengl. In the app there is only one window with no child controls and no textures are created in the opengl app.

The gdi app uses 3000kb while the opengl app uses 6000kb. Where is the extra memory being used? 3000kb seems a bit rediculous. Is there any way to reduce it?

Do you mean bits or Bytes ? Is it the whole size of the file ? Is it the memory used when the program is running ?

Well, when you use a library generally, you need to use some variables. Those ones take a certain amount of memory. Ie, opengl apps generally needs a context, a display, and surely opengl needs some more variables internally.

But 3 megabytes extra seems a bit much. Why would it need that much?

Another thing I noticed is that the mem usage is the same with double buffing. Why is that also?

Maybe it’s the GL driver, since it loads when a GL program runs. NV’s and ATI’s is 3 or 4 MB which is peanuts by todays standards. Don’t worry about it.

W.r.t. double-buffering not making any difference: that’s probably because the backbuffer is in graphics memory, not main memory.