a litte Help needed on buying a book for OpenGL/Game Programming


I was searching on the net for OpenGL/Game programming books. I found these attractive. Can someone suggest which one I should buy. My main concern is Game development. I already have the red and blue book and OpenGL SuperBible 2.0.

The ones I liked are

  • OpenGL Game Programming
  • Game Programming Gems 2

Which one of these should I buy.

Thanks for your tie and help.

It depends, but I personally think, that you have everything you need to start gameprogramming. What kind of games do you want to be programming? Theese stupid (I know that i’ll be killed for this) Ego-shooters or RTS or what?

I am interested in Shooters and stuff, Racing/flight sims. What is more of a concern is the proper design of a gamming engine. For that, a professional guidance with help on proper optimization and important techniques is what I am looking for and thats why I was interested in Games Programming Gems 2. I may be wrong though


There should be a good book (I found it on Amazon) regarding phisics and maths in game programming and 3d generic programming.
This could be really usefull.

And also a GOOD book on AI implementation it’s fundamental if you plan to write your game without idiot enemies ;D

Try searching Amazon for theese topics, and you’ll surely find some interesting book.

rIO.sK http://www.spinningkids.org/rio