a li'l help?

not to sound stupid,but how i start setting up a code on openGL?That is to say,what compiler do build and run my code on??Help would ke appreciated.

Well, after you get a compiler you would need the opengl library. On windows this means header files, library files and the dll’s. The latter should have come with the driver of your graphics card. On linux, you’d need the header files and the .so (the equivalent of the dll).

Then all you need to do (just the tip of a small iceberg) is
#include <GL/gl.h> and you’re good to go.

Try to be more specific as to your platform (windows, linux etc) if you need further information.
Also, have you tried NeHe’s page? It’s got a wealth of tutorials.

Don’t forget the Redbook
OpenGL RedBook 1.1

This is the official documentation (:

Thanks Moucard.I’m working on Windows 2000.Got an Nvidia card.So can i run OGL on VC++ 6.0?If so,wat dll’s and header files do i need?Need to render an airplane,in motion,even.Will check out NeHe’s page.Thanks a bunch.

Don’t mention it. Check out NeHe’s page and come back if you have further questions.

Yup,got a simple code to run.Finally!Thanks Moucard.Used the OpenGL Superbible,tho’.Now all i havta do is come up with a code to render an aircraft simulation.:-).There are routines for various terrains given in the Superbible.Are these standard routines with GLUT??Any more pointers?Appreciate it.

Well, anything that starts with glut… is a glut function. To take a better look at glut you could check out Nate Robbins’ page. He’s the guy that ported glut to win32. Over there you should find a pretty handy pdf that explains every glut function. Along with the super bible you should be ok. If you’re a student and you have access to a library you could also check out Ed Angel’s Computer Graphics, A Top Down Approach. He has some pretty good examples based on glut. Of course don’t forget to take a look at the mother of all references for OpenGL, The Programming Guide.
GLUT is very good to start with, but once you are comfortable with it you might want to switch to Win32 API code to do your stuff. For that I recommend OpenGL game programming. That was the book that paved the way for me with OpenGL. Hope I answered your questions :slight_smile: