A Call for Test Data!

Hello Everyone,

I am the Conformance Test Engineer at Sony working the Collada project and I am attempting to form a database of test cases for Maya, 3DSMax, and XSI, and I’m looking for people who are willing to donate data to the cause. There are two major types of data that I’m looking for: simple atomic examples that test one feature, and real-world test cases.

An example of the “Simple Atomic” data type would be a test case labled “skeletal animation” that had a simple cylinder skinned to a 2 joint arm–Just an easy little thing that demonstrates a feature.

An example of the “Real-World” data type would be a character that you’d made that you wanted to see exported. For logistical purposes, it’s better if the real-world data not be huge scenes, but more like a vehicle, a character, or a building that should be exported properly by the Collada tools.

Works submitted as part of the testing set needs to be able to be put into a public database that we can eventually post here for people to use with the conformance test. So it goes without saying that the data has to be something you are willing to share publicly with people as they test their exporters.

As someone who submits their data, you benefit by having the developers test with data that is tailored to your development process, and therefore you know that your export/import needs are being considered. In all the DCC packages there are a million ways to do any given operation and everyone has their own methods of creating (very similar) data. In the process of developing exporters and importers, it’s very easy to fall into a single pattern and be blind to all the various ways of doing things–that’s why our current state where a very small set of people make all the test cases, is a bad thing, and why a public data gathering effort is so useful. If you submit data that shows how you do things, then people will test with it, find bugs, and eventually post exporters that handle your methods (if they don’t already).

Is there now a location where we can get some test data, if there was some sent to you?

The data is being reorganized and moved around at the moment. I’ll post a link to it soon. Sorry for the delay!



has there been any movement in releasing more test data?

personally, I’m after animated weighted skeletal characters!!


It would be really nice if there were a file-sharing area on collada.org so that these demo files would be available immediately as soon as they were submitted - esp if it were easy to license under various creative commons “some rights reserved”…

Perhaps a test suite could even be built based on submitted data…

I second that. I have been lookin precisely for “a simple cylinder skinned to a 2 joint arm” (with weights) to test pipeline tools. I think it’d be great to have such a set of atomic examples to test, where detecting bugs would be easy, unlike massive real world data sets.

Is there any news on this project?

Such a database would be really interesting.

I’m ready to share :slight_smile:

I’m an artist currently doing some basic testing of the Maya>Collada>PSSG pipe.
As such I have submitted some examples to Feeling and SCE, therefore have basic exported data that might be useful to some people.

Is this database active yet?
Any info?

Please feel free to use this example too.
http://www.continuousphysics.com/ftp/pu … ga_dae.zip

It is generated from ColladaBlender, and contains both graphics and physics information (various collision shapes, like convex_mesh, box, cylinder, mesh, sphere)

This .dae file is also part of the Collada Physics Viewer,
http://www.continuousphysics.com/ftp/pu … ha-0.3.zip