a brief tutorial

hey, i’m a new member on the forum and i’d like to ask about a tutorial that show us how to install OpenCL in graphical devices from ATI, is anybody have it?
I’m studying about GPU´s and i’m curious to see how it can work with a simple program running in my device.

You can find such a tutorial on amd developer website:

http://developer.amd.com/ZONES/OPENCLZO … -2010.aspx

I will take a look.
I was trying to install in Ubuntu 10.04. But it was disturbing me with all of problems you can imagine. So, i decided to search if i can use Windows 7 to start programming in OpenCL.
So, it´s my troubles, what i need to do to start programming.

Using windows 7 and Visual studio 2008 Professional i had no serious problems with that, and if i had read the tutorial i linked you before starting i guess i wouldn’t even suffer those little ones.

Beside the tutorial you’ll need gpu drivers supporting OpenCL (right now not all catalysts do so), and installing the SDK for the ati gpu(and as a bonus for any x86 SSE3 capable cpu).

radeon drivers:
http://support.amd.com/us/kbarticles/Pa … river.aspx

32bit W7 sdk:
http://developer.amd.com/Downloads/ati- … 2-xp32.exe
64bit W7 sdk:
http://developer.amd.com/Downloads/ati- … in7-64.exe

Have fun :slight_smile: