A better GLU

Ok, so this isn’t about additions to core GL but what the heck.

Since OpenGL is getting a major overhaul currently (thank you ARB for ARB_fragment_program and ARB_vertex_program) and will be a lot more programmable, I think it’s time we updated GLU. It’s nice as it is, but it’s pretty thin. A lot of people on this board (and elsewhere) are working on various shader management libraries and other code to handle common OpenGL tasks. It would be great if we could leverage all this effort into a single “official” library a la D3DX. It becomes even more relevant with pure OpenGL 2.0 drivers where the need for utility functions increases. It would also further cement OpenGL’s position as the number one graphics standard for educational purposes and beginners. From an IHV point of view it would make it easier for developers to demo shader effects. Considering the success of GLUT, I think this is a pretty good idea. Thoughts?

Specifically, what functions do you want to add? I can add them if you want. When I have time, that is.