6800GT, problems with quake2&3, doom3, opengl xp sp2

hey guys I need some help,
so if any that can… great!

I just updated to service pack 2 yet again thinkin that the problem would be fix, and i was so wrong.

ok here is the problem

Everytime I exit quake 2 or 3 bringing down console or going thru the menu to quit. it hangs… I am disconnected from the server if im playing online. and it exits out… but in windows, doesn’t fully exit. I have to hit alt ctrl del to bring up task manager, and then go to end process.

Also if I do any and i mean any vid changes… even vid_restart causes the game to hang and I have to do alt ctrl del yet again, and end process.
now its not to bad, If I quit the game and have to do it, my settings stay the same, but if I do a vid restart or any vid changes, it messes up the who config and i go back to software mode…

This happend this past Aug with sp2 was released. So I just formated and reinstall xp ( windows has its own 8 gigs of space on my hdd ) I have a total of 210.
I then upgraded to sp1 and then sp2 and just installed quake 2, still the same problem presisted.

I am runnning AMD xp 2100+
on a gigabyte MOBO, 600L,
it has onboard video, sound and network,
I disable the video and sound,
I have the 6800GT 8x AGP 256MB,
I use the realtek onboard 10/100 NIC.
I have the SB Audigy as my sound card. the first one.

PC 2700 RAM 1 GiG.

That’s about it.

I run other games, ut2k4, CS, HL, farcry, and they all don’t have this problem.
doom3… does have this problem cuz it runs in opengl i believe

I really don’t have a clue. I have updated all the drivers for the videocard, Soundcard, NIC, drivers for the MOBO.

if anyone can help me out that would be great thanks.

I think I found out the problem, It has to do with opengl. ut2k4 runs in d3d. and doesn’t crash on exit or vid changes. Now quake2 and 3 and doom3 run on opengl, before sp2 was installed, everything worked great! no crashes or anything.

well, thanks to a friend at school. we discussed it. well it was a major driver issue. nvidia, only has up to 61.77 forceware det drivers. we searched the net for more updated ones and found them 66.99. and I guess that is designed for my card the 6800GT. everything works fine now.