Will an application created using openGL on a windows 32-bit machine run on a windows 64-bit machine?


Everyone says that 32 bit apps should run on 64 bit machines. I’ve tried it many times and it has NEVER worked. Even after prolonged effort by myself and co-workers, I could never get any of my 32-bit OpenGL apps to run on 64 bit machines. There are libraries other than OpenGL involved which may be complicating matters. I HAVE been able to port some of my apps to 64 bit machines by bringing over the source code and recompiling it. There are other apps (the larger ones) for which even that doesn’t work. If you are considering purchasing a 64 bit machine, I strongly advise you to test your 32 bit apps on it before making the purchase. If they don’t work, see how difficult it will be to get them to work before making the purchase. I definitely regret to ‘upgrading’ to 64 bits. Also, found out last week, that Quicktime Pro, which I use a lot, isn’t available for 64 bit machines.

Really? I don’t have a single 32-bit application that didn’t simply work on Win7. Indeed, I have very, very few native 64-bit applications.

Same for me, either for Vista 64 or linux 64, only drivers seem to have to be native 64 bits. A lot of my user apps are 32 only.

What is your OS, MaxH ?

I have multiple computers in my studio, ranging from XP Pro 32-bit to Vista x32 and x64 and Windows 7 x64.
I have never had any issue with 32-bit applications running on the 64-bit OS’s.
Even old 32-bit apps that use old hardware support (like Q3A) run just fine even on the new hardware and Win 7 x64.

I’m trying to go from XP Pro (32 bit) Service Pack 3 to XP Pro 64 bit Service Pack 2. Just tried it again with a fairly small OpenGL/GLUT application. There are no other libraries involved. It didn’t work. A window border was displayed, but nothing was ever drawn in the window. The call glClear could not execute. After a few seconds the window closes with no error messages.

Are you positive you have OpenGL drivers installed ?
What is your video card ?
How was this app compiled ? Which compiler, settings ?

Post source and/or .exe for other people to check.

I can compile and run the same source code on the 64 bit machine fine.
Also, commercial apps like Lightwave, modo, and Photoshop run on the 64 bit machine.

What is your video card?
Have two Quadro 1800’s. The latest drivers from NVidia were installed a few weeks ago.

How was this app compiled? Which compiler, settings?
Compiled with MVC++ 6.0. Too many settings to post here.

Post source and/or .exe for other people to check.
I’ll simplify the source, then post it and the .exe

I’m trying to go from XP Pro (32 bit) Service Pack 3 to XP Pro 64 bit Service Pack 2

Yeah, XP 64bit edition is not really what I would call a “well-supported” OS. Try the 64-bit versions of Vista or Win7 instead.

Changing OS will not be easy. I work for a govt. contractor. Our I.P. people select, customize, and install the O.S. on all our machines. It’s better that way for security reasons. They tell me we are migrating to Win7 soon. Could you help me out by trying to run my executable on Vista or Win7? It’s called hull.exe and is located at:


If it runs properly you should see a rotating, wireframe, cube with a bunch of randomly positioned points inside it. When you push the ‘g’ key, the small tetrahedron should expand to envelope all the points (convex hull). Check to see if ‘a’ and ‘z’, and the arrow keys, and F11/F12 work. If all those work, the app is running and I’ll call our I.P. people and tell them to get on their horse! Thanks.

Perfectly fine here (BTW it is F10/F11 , F12 do not seem to do anything).

Vista 64 SP2
nvidia GTX 275
driver 258.96

My bad. Should be F10 and F11. Thanks. That’s interesting.