64 bit processors

hey I was just curious if running opengl on 64 bit vs. 32 bit processors makes a difference. In migrating an application to better take advantage of the 64 bit is opengl ready for this? If not are they developing a 64 bit version of opengl? I don’t really know much about how any of that works, but as the stuff that I’m writing will not be finished for a couple years, I want to keep it on the cutting edge. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

OpenGL use it’s own GPU that does not depend much on the normal CPU so the only difference is the performance of your own application.

It does look like people think that 64 bits is going to make their applications faster, this is not true, a 64 bit cpu may have better memory management in terms of handling huge amounts of memory, above 4GB and it is also fast at crunching big numbers of course, but otherwise your application will not be any faster, so 64 bits are good for SQL servers and other “server” applications but for joe average, a 64bit CPU will not make anything faster.

Note: The OpenGL GPU may already be using 64 bit architecture internally, this works just fine even though the PC CPU is 32 bits.


thats cool, I was just curious. Thanks for the info!