6 Degrees of Freedon

What do people mean when they say their engine or game has 6 degrees of freedom? I really have no clue so please enlighten me.

i think they mean yaw pitch and roll clockwise or counterclockwise.

I thought it was three degrees for moving along the three axes (X, Y and Z), and three more degrees for rotating about the three axes.

4 degree of freedom is when you got all three degrees of movements, but you can only rotate about one axis. Like in good old DOOM, whene you can only look left/right, not up/down or “roll”, but you can move in all directions.

6 degrees of freedom means moving along x, y and z axis (three degrees) plus yaw, pitch and roll (other three degrees).

Hehe…there are also engines with 7 degrees of freedom. The 7th being pseudo-time.