4.2 Optimizations

Is there any guide out there about OpenGL optimization and performance tips? I’m looking for something up to date with the recent versions of OpenGL, at least on how to use VBO, filling the buffers and shaders.


Phillip Rideout has just released something neat: http://github.prideout.net/modern-opengl-prezo/

Edit: Of course, http://www.arcsynthesis.org/gltut/ by Alfonse is a very good source as well. Though it’s not 4.0+ but VBOs and stuff aren’t either.

With regards to VBO, there is the Wiki (note that it doesn’t matter which GL version you are thinking of. A VBO is still a VBO).

For GLSL, some general recommendations (applies to all GLSL versions)

Other than that, I would also take a look at what developer.nvidia.com and developer.amd.com has in terms of pdf and ppt.

Thanks. This is what I’m looking for.