3dsmax sampler, missing inputs

I’m using the latest maxscript exporter (can’t use the C++ exporter as we’re using 3dsmax 6 here).

It seems that it doesn’t output all the necessary informations in the <sampler> elements, namely it doesn’t put anything there except the “INPUT” and “OUTPUT” sources. It doesn’t put references to the sources that have “INTERPOLATION”, “IN_TANGENT”, and “OUT_TANGENT” semantics, although these sources are generated.

Here’s a fix that seems to work for me: http://a.chavasse.free.fr/sampler_patch.diff

It’s an unified diff patch. To apply it: download the patch in the same directory as ColladaOut_1.3.ms, launch a cygwin or mingw (msys) shell, go in the directory where the patch is, and use this command:

patch <sampler_patch.diff

Thanks MORB.
We will make sure it goes in the next drop of the script.