3dsMax Loader?

greetings everyone,
i’m currently working on my thesis about making a game engine & already have the physics engine and 3d coordination set up.
however, for the part of the character animation i have used character studio and 3ds max 6. but can’t figure out a way to import my character and it’s key frames into my engine. and believe me, i have searched for hours on the net but there seems to be nothing whatsoever available about max file format (let alone character studio’s format). all i could find out was 3ds loaders which are not suitable (importing 30 different 3DS files for simulating a simeple 30 frame long walk seems a little bit out of order).
so i would be glad if anyone could help me with introducing me a site having the loader or atleast explaining the Max file format. thanks in advance.
p.s. i already found a 3mg source indicating the way but it’s implemented in DX and is really long (+not so easy to understand, considering the fact that it’s a russian source code and i dont understand anything from the comments/class names and don’t know the slightest bit about DX).

3DStudioMax file format was tailored so that people which lack the complete spec cannot write importers/converters, AFAIK nobody managed to fully reverse-engineer it. You’d better export your data in another format and then import from there.

File loaders are off-topic for this forum. Thread closed.

– Tom