3DSMax-Like rotations...

I haven’t posted a silly question for a long time so here it is !

I dunno if some of you use 3DSMax but there is something interesting in their rotation system : select an object, right-click on the “rotation button” and you can see a window with :

Absolute:World Offset:World
X : X:
Y : Y:
Z : Z:

I have had no problem copying this idea with the same dialog box etc etc…

My question is : How the hell do they find the coordinates of the rotation in Absolute:World after you have done several ones in Offset:World ???

For example, if you use the following rotations with Offset:World :

X:5 , Y:7 , X:4

You obtain as a result in Absolute:World :
X:9.03 , Y:6.983 , Z:0.491

I know how to reproduce the effect of what happens when you use the Offset:World. Basically I load a rotation matrix that corresponds to the Offset and multiply the transformation matrix of the object with this new matrix.

But then, from this transformation matrix I have for each object, HOW DO I FIND THOSE COORDINATES IN ABSOLUTE:WORLD ???

To be honest, I am sure I saw a method for that when I was studying maths but I can not remember the method, neither find my notes about it…

Please help !

Best regards.


P.S. : to those who think this has nothing to do with OpenGL, I just say : “You’re right !”.

Well, I know it’s stupid to answer its own question : this is just so that the topic comes to the top of the list again ; there has been so many new topics in the last couple of days that nobody tried to answer this one…

So, any idea someone ?!?!??


I think 3d studio max uses quaternions, not matrices.

I’m not familiar with 3DSMax, so I might not even be answering the right question…
If by Absolute:World you mean relative to screen space, you can use gluUnproject to unproject unit vectors in screen space and find the corresponding axis in model space.
Like I said, I’m not at all sure that’s what you’re asking.