3DSmax collada 1.3 exporter


I would want to know if there are plans about fix the material errors in the 3DSMax Collada 1.3 exporter. I can contribute with a long list of errors related with exported materials to help in this process. Those errors makes the exporter totally unusable, and because we’ve developed a Collada 1.3 importer for our tools (a non trivial task…), we really do not want drop all this effort and start a new importer based on Collada 1.4

Hi Jacobo,

As far as I know, there are no plans, currently, to fix issues with the COLLADA 1.3 exporter. I believe quite a few of these issues were fixed during the transition to COLLADA 1.4 and from personal experience, I agree that the transition to COLLADA 1.4 is costly, but it does bring some interesting features about.

If you email me the list of the fixes that you absolutely require, we can discuss this further: glaforte@feelingsoftware.com.