3DSMax 6, C++ exporter

What would it take to make the 3ds max c++ exporter with 3ds max 6 ?

What I’m getting if I try it is a tremendously helpful “procedure not found” error (would have it been so hard to mention which function/symbol wasn’t found ?), so if anyone from Discreet could give me some pointers as to what is missing in max 6 that the exporter needs, I’d appreciate it.

Without actually looking at the error message or dialog box, I am guessing that the collada_max plugin is a DLL which is dependent on another DLL e.g. libxml/libz which is not found in the same location where the collada_max plugin was installed.


That’s what I thought too, but looking at the dependencies with pe explorer, I couldn’t find anything missing.

Maybe it’s a dependency problem with a dll loaded manually with LoadLibrary. I’ll investigate more when I get the time.

The Max Collada distribution contains additional dlls including an updated igame.dll which is used by the c++ exporter.

I got this error when I first gave the plug-in to one of our animators - I had forgotten the other dlls.

If you want a version for Max6 I assume you’d need an updated igame.dll for max6 OR change the code of the Max C++ exporter to make it maxsdk only and then you could compile it against the max6sdk. The plugin uses igame a lot so could take a lot of work to move it over to maxsdk only.


Yeah, I tried to use the updated igame.dll, but I still got the same error.
Thing is, with PE explorer I didn’t find what igame.dll needed that was missing.

The sources of the modified igame.dll aren’t provided either. I guess I’ll try to compile the plugin with the regular igame.dll, perhaps I’ll find out what changes needs to be made to it this way.