3DSMAX & 3Dexploration

I’m used 3Dsmax to create my model. I’m converted it in object format: .obj with
3Dexploration. Now, how can I do to use this file with OpenGL and GLUT ?
Can I need plugins (if yes, where can I find them) ? And where can I find examples and tutorials about.

I can use other format for converted files…

3d exploration can convert your model to openGL c++ code directly.

I know! But i would like to have my models in object files. I want import a model in few applications. It is not good to write the same code c++ in each application…

no time to discuss but here you go: glvelocity.gamedev.net

on flipcode.com (great site) goto “code of the week”>past code>“another 3ds importer”

just one look at the chunking system set me up to create my very own model class! Its great!

3ds_obj landscape; //init
landscape.path=“data\mountain2.3ds”; //anytime
landscape.render; // in drawing loop

-best of luck

Isn’t there a really good Nate Miller(?) source code which you can use in your OpenGL programs that allows you to import .obj models? I’m sure I’ve got it somewhere… ah, nehe.gamedev.com has it in their tutorials section.

Hope this helps!


Perhaps do you mean Nate Robins http://www.xmission.com/~nate/smooth.html