3DS viewer

I recently wrote a 3ds viewer, but theres
still one bug i figured id ask to see if
anyone knows about… Some models have
objects that seem to be translated from
their expected positions. Is there some
data inside the 3ds format for the correct
orintation of objects?


Sorry i dont have the answer but i have noticed the same problem in another software “conv3ds” i dont know who its writen by but it is distributed with the DirectX sdk and converts 3ds files to .x files. the new files have the problem of the miss aligned objects. Which i will assume from the prob u r having comes from reading the 3ds file.


I have had similar problems with the 3DS files. You have to take into account:
-object matrix or the position, scalling, and rotation keyframes at frame 0 ( i use the second).
-object hierarchy (parents).

But I still sometimes get strange results… I have found that doing a Reset XForm within 3D Studio Max to the objects solves the problem, but of course this is a bad solution.

I have the same problem sometimes, but you can change the missalignment with max ‘adjust Pivot’ unfortunately, if I center it to my mesh, it is still missaligned. At this point I didn’t examine any further (no time)
anyway, Max and import the correct geometry, so I think there is a correct solution. I will look into the Max SDK, if I have more time. I think there should be a hint
Greeets, Peter