3DS Problems

I write a 3DS Loader. All is going well, but in some case with some chunks which I want to skip there are a problem. The loading is crashed, because the length of some chunks are not right (but all other lengthes is well). This error happens with different 3DS files.
Can Somebody advise me a good 3DS documentation or tutorial?
I saw many different guides but all are not complete.

May be somebody can advise me a moder 3D file format with good documentation and popular.

Do you know about Open Asset Import Library?

This is good. But I use JOGL and I can`t use it.

The file format is explained at http://www.wotsit.org
And if you don’t want to write your own library there is lib3ds over at sourceforge.org.

Good, thank you!
I repeat the other my question: May be somebody can advise me a moder 3D file format with good documentation and popular?

Wavefront .obj is basic but quite simple to use and widespread.
Collada is a modern standard, gaining traction on professional render pipelines, and very complete.

I heard something about Collada and watched documentation.
Who know a good tutorial for Collada format loader?
And how can I understand in witch coordinate system the 3DS file was created?

From what I understand, Collada is nice if you are making a modelling application but no great for games. It is in XML format. I don’t know if they have a binary format.

Not sure what you mean by which coordinate system the 3DS file was created. I’ve opened a lot of 3ds files with my own code and they are always in the same coordinate and same units.

What is the different between the modelling application games? Most importantly, that you might save and load all functionality of the model.

Different games use different sizes for their models, I guess. Perhaps in game X a man’s height is 2.5 and in another game it is 600.
In one game the y axis is considered up and another game z axis is up.

For your second question, a good modeler will let you export everything you need : textures names, colors, the lights, physics parameters, scripted events, etc.

And what can You say about Collada I heard that he contains a large functionality ?