3ds Morph Targets for GL renderer

Does anyone know how to export ‘Morph Targets’ into the .3ds file format?

#1) We have created ‘morphing’ facial animations in MAX3 that we Export to a
.3ds file and read into our OpenGL rendering program.

#2) We know that the .3ds file format supports Morph_Targets (our reader
detects the tag and theoretically handles it). We expect to be able to read
see that information, just like the positional/rotational keys.

#3) We’ve built our facial morph using both Max’s “Morpher Modifier” and the
“Morph Compound Object,” yet neither method outputs a Morph_Target_tag into
the .3ds file. When we export the .3ds and then re-import it back into MAX
(to verifty that its in there), there is no Morph in the animation-

Any help would be much appreciated-