3ds max -> opengl? any tutorials?

I cooked up a model in 3ds max and i want to load the thing in opengl. Just how do I go about doing this? are there any tutorials out there?

Its all about file types. How you store the model and how opengl reads them in. Take a look at www.wotsit.org for a rundown on how 3ds files are made up.

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This format is difficult to load, mainly because it isn’t document well (it’s not open).

I just created a loader and it sems to work well (and nice and fast too )

Take a look at lib3ds on sourceforge.


I for myself getting really angry when remembering to load models in the programms of me

So I used an easy way to convert nearly all files, that are used by milkshape. Simply load the models you like in (IMAO also 3ds is avaible) and then export them as VRML97-Format a text format, that shall be really easily to parse and load in your program.

Only one idea to “work” arround Else there shall be somewhere a class for doing this job, I for myself are using delphi and even there such classes exists!


Display3DS has complete VC++/MFC source code to a simple 3DS loader.

3ds file format is completely documented (few seem to know this) there’s an official 3ds file toolkit somewhere on descreet’s site which contains a .doc file where all chunks are documented.

I also have a very simple loader(it loads only geometry and light) here