3ds max files loader

anyone knows, how to make a .3ds
files loader?? A tutotial will
help a lot!!

If you have 3d Studio Max, you could export your models in .ASE format. This is just an ascii file which you can open and easily see how all your model data is stored. It’s very easy and straightforward to write a model loader from this format. I wroe a loader for this format in 30 or so lines of code (and it’s far from eficient. It only loads the actual model but it was a great way for a begginer like myself to load models.

I’ve never tried to actually load a “.3ds” file, so this doesn’t really answer your question, but it’s how I got my models in OpenGL.

For info on how the ASE file format is structured you could check out this link

thank a lot, it will be helpfull!

Hate to bitch here, but there was the exact same post just a couple of days ago. Try searching for an answer before posting please.

Go to www.fatech.com/tech/tools.shtml

look for converters on the left side menu. There is one of them, 3D explorer which will actually create OpenGL code for you.