3DS Loader

i read a lot about 3DS loaders, the only 3DS loader that i found on the internet loads only one object from the 3DS file while my file contains more than one object (mutliobjects) and i need all of them it a plane so is there is a link to a loader for a multi-object 3DS loader or there is a way that i can export the max scene to 3DS with the grouping option enabled so that my 3ds file would be one object and i can load with my loader
Need replies ASAP as i need this in a project for my studies !
Thanks in advance…

There are a lot of 3DS loaders out there, available as open source that allow you to load models with many parts… Splitting them out is trivial after that.

A very easy one to read through can be found in the Oolong iPhone Engine.
If you read the source you should be able to do all you ask above quite trivially.

Google for 3DSFTK
It is very old but very good.
It is made by Autodesk.
It loads everything.

@scratt i read about the Oolong Iphone engine but it has a lot of features that i dont need but thanks alot
@mfort i googled 3DSFTK but i didn’t find the zip file i got lots of links but it seems they are broken so if u have the loader could you send it to me by e-mail :frowning:michaelsoliaamn@gmail.com)

More help needed ! :smiley: