3DS and ASE File Loader - C++ - Help Plz


Where can I find a good tutorial about 3DS and/or ASE File Loader for C?

www.GameTutorials.com has an easy to understand 3ds file loader. Most of it is in C, some of it might be C++.

how load animation? like this

	*NODE_NAME "Bip01 L Foot"
		*CONTROL_ROT_SAMPLE 0	0.19771	-0.11301	-0.09207	0.96936
		*CONTROL_ROT_SAMPLE 160	0.13597	-0.10420	-0.12957	0.97666
		*CONTROL_ROT_SAMPLE 320	0.09715	-0.08685	-0.16325	0.97794
		*CONTROL_ROT_SAMPLE 480	0.07420	-0.08546	-0.17521	0.97800
		*CONTROL_ROT_SAMPLE 640	0.04953	-0.07723	-0.17700	0.97992

You should ask in a forum which is dedicated to whatever program or file format emits that animation. Each animation will be stored in its own format.

That being said, it looks like each of those samples are a quaternion. Thus, sscanf() each CONTROL_ROT_SAMPLE for a track into the x,y,z,w of a quaternion, and you should be fine. The first number looks like a time stamp in some kind of ticks for each sample, to be used when interpolating; running at 160 ticks per frame.

As I know ASE doesn’t support skinning, so the animation only animates the bones, but the mesh remains still. That’s why I chose flexporter ( http://www.codercorner.com/Flexporter.htm ). It is freeware (+source code), it can export to ascii, and it supports lots of MAX features (including skinning). The ascii file is quite easy to understand…