3dmax progressive morph exporting

Is it possible using ColladaMax?

Hello azm,

My understanding of progressive morphing is that you apply a non-linear controller on the morph target weights. Right now, the export of morph target weight animations should support the usual bezier/linear/step controllers as well as sampling.

If you are experiencing issues with this, please post on our public Bugzilla: http://www.feelingsoftware.com/bugzilla. If my understanding of progressive morphing is wrong, I would appreciate it if you corrected me! :slight_smile:


Hello glaforte,

Progressive morphing is not applying a non-linear controller on the morph target weights. My english is not so good, so, i think it would be easy to explain if i’ll give an example:

For example, i have 4 meshes( base, obj1, obj2 and obj3 ). I created morpher modifier for the base mesh. Then i added obj1 as a morph target. Then i added obj2 and obj3 to progressive morph target list of the morph target( “channel parameters” rollout for obj1 ). “Target %” for each progressive morph target has been set by 3dmax automatically. It is 33.33 for obj1, 66.67 for obj2 and 100.0 for obj3.

So, animation would be like following:
animation length is 100%.
“->” - morphing

  1. from 0 to 33.33%
    base -> resultOf(obj1 -> obj1)

  2. from 33.33 to 66.67%
    base -> resultOf(obj1 -> obj2)

  3. from 66.67 to 100%
    base -> resultOf(obj2 -> obj3)